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  • The sins of the cities of the plain

    por Wolfram Setz

    2015 Valancourt Books

    The sins of the cities of the plain

    Jack Saul is a handsome young man in London, who has found his body to be his best asset and makes his way through life as a prostitute. One day, Jack is picked up by ...

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  • A Separate Peace

    por John Knowles

    2015 Simon & Schuster

    A Separate Peace

    An American classic and great bestseller for over thirty years, A Separate Peace is timeless in its description of adolescence during a period when the entire country was losing its innocence to the second world war. Set ...

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  • The Invisibles
    Vintage Portraits of Love and Pride

    por Sebastien Lifshitz

    2014 Rizzoli

    The Invisibles

    This volume is a unique collection of photographs of gay couples from 1900 to 1960. While this is a time many now regard as the deeply closeted dark ages, these photos show gay couples who ...

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  • Chulito

    por Charles Rice-González

    2014 Magnus Books


    Set against a vibrant South Bronx neighborhood and the queer youth culture of Manhattan's piers, Chulito is a coming-out, coming-of-age love story of a sexy, tough, hip hop–loving, young Latino man and the colorful characters ...

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  • Wild Rides

    por Elisabeth Coldwell

    2013 Xcitebooks

    Wild Rides

    A collection of three intensely erotic gay novellas - prepare yourself for a Wild Ride! Ridden Hard Jamie Desmond has lied about his ability to ride to land a film role, and now his lack ...

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  • The Ass Book
    Staying on Top Your Botton

    por Christian Scheuss; Micha Schulze

    2013 Bruno Gmünder

    The Ass Book

    Everything for a Hot Bottom! Finally a comprehensive guide to a man’s second most important sex organ! Designed for practical use, The Ass Book tells you how you and your partner can get more pleasure ...


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  • Cum!
    The Complete Guide to Orgasm

    por Christian Scheuss; Micha Schulze

    2013 Bruno Gmünder


    Forget that old prejudice about men only wanting to finish quickly and get it over with. Among gay men, there is a strong desire for intense, intimate and lasting sex. The average male orgasm lasts ...


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  • The Promiscuous Traveler

    por Sebastian V.

    2012 Bruno Gmünder

    The Promiscuous Traveler

    It’s every gay man’s fantasy—to travel the globe in search of sex. One lucky travel writer has done just that, and here he chronicles his diverse encounters while on the road—from a man in wet ...

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  • Big Things

    por Jody Horowitz

    2012 Bruno Gmünder

    Big Things

    When Jay lands in L.A. with very little money and no real prospect of publishing his first novel, he takes a succession of dead-end jobs. Soon he realizes that he has to o ffer something ...

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  • L.A. Affair

    por Kriss Rudolph

    2012 Bruno Gmünder

    L.A. Affair

    Ben, a charming, chaotic guy from Germany‘s capital, makes a dream come true and moves close to where his friend Adam lives. He became acquainted with this hot dude from California via the Internet. However, ...

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  • On Collecting Stamps

    por Håkan Lindquist

    2012 Bruno Gmünder

    On Collecting Stamps

    A poetic tale about truth and longingA journey to the town where he was born becomes a trip into the past: When Mattias hears about the death of a friend from his childhood days, he ...

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  • Boys of Disco City

    por Zack

    2012 Bruno Gmünder

    Boys of Disco City

    Escaped from movie mogul James Rosen’s depraved clutches in Rome, American Gil Graham and his boyfriend Mike Smith head for London to set up home together. Mike introduces Gil to the hectic joys of giant ...

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  • El retrato de Dorian Gray - The Picture of Dorian Gray

    El retrato de Dorian Gray es una obra imprescindible en la narrativa de todos los tiempos. El autor logra crear una historia redonda y sorprendente, que enraíza con mitos de la literatura. En la prosa ...

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  • Queer Sites
    gay urban histories since 1600

    por David Higgs

    1999 Routledge

    Queer Sites

    Libro de segunda mano. Usado. Gran valor de las fotografías e ilustraciones. Discussions of ""gay geography"" and ""gay space"" have recently become popular both in and out of the academy. David Bell and Gill Valentine's ...

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  • Life Outside

    por Michelangelo Signorile

    1997 Harper Collins

    Life Outside

    Michelangelo Signorile was an outspoken advocate of gay culture whose brush with mortality after engaging in risky sex changed his outlook on life. In Life Outside, Signorile, a columnist for Out magazine, explores the changing lifestyles and mores ...

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  • Islamic Homosexualities
    Culture, History and literature

    por Stephen O. Murray; Will Roscoe

    1997 New York University Press

    Islamic Homosexualities

    The dramatic impact of Islamic fundamentalism in recent years has skewed our image of Islamic history and culture. Stereotypes depict Islamic societies as economically backward, hyper-patriarchal, and fanatically religious. But in fact, the Islamic world ...

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  • The Beauty of Men

    por Andrew Holleran

    1996 Picador

    The Beauty of Men

    With the Beauty of Men comes Holleran's third novel, a brilliant, passionate, lyrical story of a man ashamed to be mourning the loss of his own youth as so many around him die young. Andrew ...

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  • Giovanni´s Room

    por James Baldwin

    1988 Laurel

    Giovanni´s Room

    Set in the 1950s Paris of American expatriates, liaisons, and violence, a young man finds himself caught between desire and conventional morality. With a sharp, probing imagination, James Baldwin's now-classic narrative delves into the mystery ...

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  • The Front Runner

    por Patricia Nell Warren

    1974 The Gay Men Press

    The Front Runner

    First published in 1974, The Front Runner raced to international acclaim - the first novel about gay love to become popular with mainstream. In 1975, coach Harlan Brown is hiding from his past at an ...

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  • Virtually Normal
    an argument about homosexuality

    por Andrew Sullivan

    1195 Picador

    Virtually Normal

    Virtually Normal is an exploration of today's principal arguments about homosexuality, from the Catholic church to Michel Foucault. It is a book not about individual feelings but about the way society deals - or does ...

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