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    Butterfly Boy

    Memories of a Chicano Mariposa

    Rigoberto González

    University of Wisconsin. Septiembre 2015

    Heartbreaking, poetic, and intensely personal, Butterfly Boyis a unique coming out and coming-of-age story of a first-generation Chicano who trades one life for another, only to discover that history and memory are not exchangeable or forgettable. 

    Growing up among poor migrant Mexican farmworkers, Rigoberto González also faces the pressure of coming-of-age ...

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    New Queer Latino Writing

    Felice Picano; Lázaro Lima

    University of Wisconsin. Septiembre 2015

    As the U.S. Latino population grows rapidly, and as the LGBTQ Latino community becomes more visible and a more crucial part of our literary and artistic heritage, there is an increasing demand for literature that successfully highlights these diverse lives. Edited by Lázaro Lima and Felice Picano, Ambientes is a revolutionary collection ...


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