Daddy Knows Best

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Daddy Knows Best


Daddy Knows Best

Gay Erotic Best

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Boys and the Men That Turn Them On

What is it about older men that gay boys find so irresistible? Some say young men in search of a “daddy” to partner up with—sometimes for life, sometimes just for the night—are looking for someone to mentor them. Take care of them. But there are plenty of young studs with dirty minds who simply find that men get better with age. Older men are hotter. More confident. More experienced.

For some, it’s all about dominance and submission. For others, it’s about getting off with a guy who turns you on. These are the couplings explored in Daddy Knows Best, a sizzling collection of erotic stories—some romantic, some raunchy—that probe the younger man-older man dynamic in sensual, graphic detail.


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