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    Wild Girls Wild Nights

    True Lesbian Sex Stories

    Sacchi Green

    Cleis Press. Diciembre 2013

    These Wild Girls tell stories of their own Wild Nights (and days,) memories too hot to keep undercover. Real women with real needs and overwhelming desires find the courage to reveal intimate, unrestrained details of their sex lives, the need to share their stories second only to the urgent impulses that drove the action ...


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    Best Lesbian Erotica 2013

    Kathleen Warnock

    Cleis Press. Agosto 2013


    Best Lesbian Erotica 2013 is a popular series edited by Kathleen Warnock and contains the year's hottest and best lesbian erotica. The 2013 edition has stories from such names as Amelia Thornton, Maggie Morton, Andrea Dale, Tenille Brown, Valerie Alexander and many more.

    The stories are different, quirky, exciting ...


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    Best Lesbian Romance 2013


    Cleis Press. Agosto 2013


    Radclyffe is on a mission: she wants to rock your world every single year. And she does. We marvel at every year's batch of annual excellence. Swooningly romantic, shudderingly erotic, poundingly good prose that will tug at your heartstrings (etc) at the beginning of every single year, or every ...


    pvp. 17,95 €