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    Oath of Honor


    Bold Strokes Books. Septiembre 2015

    Navy Captain Wes Masters, newly posted to head the White House Medical Unit, is a physician with only one priority patient, but her job is twenty-four/seven. Her charge is simple—ensure the health and well-being of the most powerful man in the world—the president of the United States. As the First Physician, Wes travels ...


    pvp. 25,95 €

    Ill Will

    a micky knight mystery

    J.M. Redmann

    Bold Strokes Books. Enero 2013

    First, do no harm. But as New Orleans PI Micky Knight discovers, not every
    health care provider follows that dictum. She stumbles into a tangle of the true
    believers to the criminally callous, who use the suffering of others for their
    twisted ends. In a city slowly rebuilding after Katrina, one of the most ...

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    pvp. 25,95 €

    Lucky Loser

    Yolanda Wallace

    Bold Strokes Books. Enero 2011

    In the high stakes world of women’s tennis, love means nothing. Or at least that’s how Sinjin Smythe sees it. Then she begins to fall for her friend and former doubles partner Laure Fortescue. Having had her heart broken by one player, Sinjin isn’t willing to have it happen again. The talented but oft-injured ...


    pvp. 19,95 €

    365 days

    Ke Payne

    Bold Strokes Books.

    One mixed-up girl, one dull boy, two hot distractions. How does one figure it all out?
    Life sucks when you’re fifteen years old, confused about your sexuality, and the girl of your dreams doesn’t even know you exist. The sudden entrance of a hot new emo at school only adds to the confusion.

    Clemmie ...

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    pvp. 18,00 €