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    Snapshots of a Girl

    Beldan Sezen

    Arsenal Pulp Press. Febrero 2016

    In this autobiographical graphic novel, Beldan Sezen revisits the various instances of her coming of age, and her coming out as lesbian, in both western and Islamic cultures (as the daughter of Turkish immigrants in western Europe)—to friends, family, and herself. Through a series of vignettes, she navigates the messy circumstances of her ...


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    Adrian and the tree of secrets


    Arsenal Pulp Press. Febrero 2015

    Adrian isn't very happy these days. He lives in a small town and goes to a Catholic high school. He wears glasses, secretly reads philosophy books, and wishes he had more muscles. He's dogged by a strict mother, bullied by fellow players on the soccer field, and chastised by the school principal ...


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    Gay Art a historic collection

    Felix Lance; Thomas Waugh

    Arsenal Pulp Press. Enero 2013

    When first published in 1972, A Historic Collection of Gay Art was the first book to document explicit expressions of gay male sexuality in the graphic arts, from antiquity to pop culture; its frank and unapologetic survey of the pleasures of the flesh was, for gay men, unprecedented, and it remains the starting-point for ...

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    Lust Unearthed

    Vintage gay graphics from the DuBek Collection

    Thomas Waugh

    Arsenal Pulp Press. Enero 2013

    On the heels of his bestselling and award-winning bookOut/Lines: Underground Gay Graphics From Before Stonewall, Thomas Waugh offers more historic and erotically charged drawings, depicting aspects of gay male sexuality that were once hidden from public view.

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