Making Grace

Making Grace


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Making Grace

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Ann Krsul and Leslie Sullivan want to be mothers together. Ann will carry the baby and Leslie will leave her job to stay at home and raise their child. Choosing the route of the anonymous sperm bank, they hope to match Leslie's vital statistics so that Ann can give birth to a baby with the potential to look like them both. Ann is a worrier, compulsively analyzing and judging their performance at each stage of the process. Leslie is soothing, a quiet counterpoint. Together they ride the menstrual roller coaster, until finally, one year later, Ann is pregnant. At first both women continue to work. Free time is consumed by pre-birth activity: baby shower registration, Lamaze class and design of the baby announcement. Between events they argue with relatives over how to explain two mommies to their nieces and nephews. Month eight, Leslie ends her job to prepare for full time mommy-hood. Ann continues to work all hours, holding her now huge tummy as she shuffles from job site to job site, fretting over everything. But Baby Grace is born on time with bright red hair (a trait known to neither family). Gund follows the Krsul-Sullivan household during Grace's first year. As Ann and Leslie make their way, we are with them, meeting challenges universal to all families and facing those unique to lesbians.

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