Global Warming

Four Very Steamy Shorts

Global Warming


    Fecha de la edición : 2015
    Duración : 90 minutos
    Zonas : Zona 2

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Global Warming

Four Very Steamy Shorts

pvp.18,95 €


Contains strong langage, sex, sex references.

Two short films, one heated experience! From Bollywood to Hollywood, these two movies will take you on a sexy journey around the globe! One is an East-meets-West, boy-meets-boy love story about a spicy tryst with a hotel clerk. The other is a naughty comedy about two straight actors rehearsing for a film's upcoming gay sex scene. Seen in over 100 film festivals on 6 different continents, reviewers have called You Can't Curry Love and Performance Anxiety "relentlessly funny," "damn sexy," "hilarous" and "wonderful!"

The two short films run a total of 40 minutes, plus there are over 50 minutes of sexy bonus features! Total DVD running time is 90 minutes.

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