The history of LGBTQIA+ culture

The history of LGBTQIA+ culture


The history of LGBTQIA+ culture

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The story of LGBTQIA+ culture is rich and diverse. There are moments of darkness and great tragedy, but there are also moments of light and immense hope. And while communities across the globe have more rights than ever before, it’s important to acknowledge the activism of bygone generations and the challenges they faced. The History of LGBTQIA+ Culture explores key figures, defining moments, and the struggles and triumphs that endured for us to get to where we are today. First we step back in time to discover how same-sex love and gender non-conformity have existed since the earliest civilisations. We look at the impact of colonialism, religion, politics and war on the queer community. And, as well as delving into monumental moments – from the Lavender Scare and Stonewall to the AIDS crisis and much more – we also get to know some of the most significant people in the fight for freedom. So join us on this colourful journey as we delve into forgotten worlds and secret stories, and celebrate inspiring moments of pride and equality.

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