Mosquita & Mari

Mosquita & Mari


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Mosquita & Mari

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Yolanda - aka Mosquita - is a Straight-A student, but she lives across the street from Mari, a neighborhood tough girl. As Mosquita helps Mari out with her school work and homework a friendship develops with lingering gazes, and soft touches. As their friendship and attraction towards each other grows the become each other's confidant Yolanda's grades begins to dip and Mari slips up at work. Two girls from opposite sides of the fences with a secret relationship, can they keep their feeling hidden from the rest of the world, much less their keep up their obligations to their families?



In Aurora Guerrero’s Mosquita & Mari (2012), Yolanda is the quite, straight laced girl from a middle class family whom has a promising future, she has always be watching Mari, the tomboy girl from across the street who is helping out her family because of financial problems. Fate brings them together at school and Yolanda helps Mari out by becoming her friend and tutoring her. As they hang out together, tell each other their secrets and soon become something more than friends but less than lovers, but the harsh reality bites back at them when their parents begin to question their grades and change in personality, can the two girls find a way to stay together?



This film is more like young love than a lesbian love story, two BBFs challenging the world that tells them to conform with society, their relationship is the only place in which they can be honest with each other and themselves. As their relationship grows they are faced with challenges of grades, peer pressure, gossiping families, and the reality of their lives, can such a relationship have hope for the future or is it doomed to fall apart. This all makes it a very ambitious drama.

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