Bruce Sargeant 2018


por Bruce Sargeant
Bruce Sargeant 2018

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Fabrica o Produce: Bruno Gmünder
Fecha de la edición: 2017
Edición ciudad: Berlín
Edición pais: Alemania
Dimensiones: 30 cm x 42 cm


19,99 €
ahora: 14,00 €


Resumen del libro

Descripción :

The art of Bruce Sargeant was long undiscovered. New York-based artist Mark Beard has devoted the last two decades to exploring and amassing the work of Bruce Sargeant, a painter who idealized and celebrated the beauty of the male form.
His subtly-toned oil paintings of young men at sport and leisure are reminiscent of classic figure painting, highlighting his beaux arts training, yet their gentle elegance continues to speak to contemporary audiences. His work has found a new audience in an age that no longer treads coyly around male sexuality. Foreshadowing fashion photographers such as Bruce Weber and Greg Gorman, it’s no surprise that one of Sargeant’s greatest pieces, a mural of seminude gymnasts, hangs in the branch of Abercrombie & Fitch on Fifth Avenue in New York City. Others can be seen in the label’s Milan and Tokyo flagships.

Calendario de pared 2018. Tamaño 30 x 42 cms. En color.


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