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The First Date

Girls On Film

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Produce : Peccadillo
Fecha de la edición : 2015
Formato : DVD
Zonas : Zona 2
idioma : Alemán, Danés, Francés, Noruego
Subtitulos : Alemán, Francés, Sueco


pvp.20,95 €


Resumen del libro

From the distributor that created the world's most successful short film collection, BOYS ON FILM, comes a new series of lesbian short films. GIRLS ON FILM is set to feature some of the most provocative, engaging and beautiful filmmaking from around the world; featuring award winning lesbian short films and following on from the HERE COME THE GIRLS collection, comes a new experience in filmmaking.

The First Date- dir. Janella Lacson (USA) 7mins 2012
In this hilarious ode to 'the first date', two friends discuss the embarrassing events of the night before. But neither is aware of who could be listening in on their conversation.

Air Balloon- dir. Yenni Lee (Norway) 11mins 2011
Air Balloon is the sensual story of Julie, who carries around a box full of memories, which she desperately wants to forget. But when she meets a pretty redhead in skin tight jeans, forgetting the memories is the last thing on her mind.

Fresh Air Therapy 2- dir. Christoph Scheermann (Germany) 16mins 2011
Their relationship is not the only problem. Kerstin and Petra, two women in the prime of their lives, return to couple's therapy in this frighteningly hilarious sequel. For a role-play the couple's therapist wants them to spend a night at a hotel but soon they find out they are not alone.

AWOL - dir. Deb Shoval (USA) 13mins 2011
Days before deployment to Afghanistan, Joey returns to rural Pennsylvania for Christmas with big dreams of running away to Canada with her beautiful lover. But Joey learns that things don't always end up as planned.

What's Your Sign? - dir. Alex Siow (USA) 6mins 2013
Two friends hang out at an exclusive art gallery, judging the different women that walk by. But when the perfect woman walks into the gallery the pair find themselves in trouble as they are both caught checking her out. Quickly they learn that words aren't the only way to communicate and it could bring these ladies together.

James Dean- dir. Lucy Asten Elliott (UK) 8mins 2011
A family tries its best to get out of their driveway for a holiday break, but one of their daughters has decided it's finally time to bring out the 'real' her in this London Lesbian & Gay Film Festival favourite.

Hold On Tight - dir. Anna Rodgers (Ireland) 13mins 2011
Holding hands or kissing in public isn't for everyone. When it comes to same sex relationships, showing your love outside of the home is sometimes a complicated personal choice. This acclaimed documentary moves between the public and private spaces in which lesbian and gay couples live, and explores small gestures of human connectedness.

Social Butterfly- dir. Lauren Wolkstein (France) 14mins 2013
A mysterious but captivating 30-year-old American woman turns up at Chloe's 18th birthday party in the South of France. Celebrating and surrounded by all her friends, this beautiful creature mesmerises Chloe and ensnares her in a sensual trance.

Dream Date - dir. Diana Juhr DeBenedetti & Andromeda Godfrey (UK) 3mins 2012
As two lovers check into a hotel to steal some quality time together, Dream Date asks what would you do if you had just one night to act out your most sought after fantasy?

Making Of 'Fresh Air Therapy 2'

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